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Dear Kannadigas,

One of our fellow Kannadiga, Anand Gubbi is facing a Life or Death situation. We call upon the community to help his wife Deepthi get back her husband and his 10 month old daughter get back her father.

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Anand Gubbi has been working at a major Bay Area software company for over 3 years as an IT Operations manager. He has also been studying Business Administration at CSU in the East Bay . Anand and his wife Deepthi have been happily married for over 8 years and have a beautiful 10-month old daughter.

On the morning of February 23, 2008, their lives changed forever.

That morning Anand suddenly developed difficulty in breathing. An ambulance was called in but he suffered a respiratory and cardiac arrest in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. CPR initiated by the paramedics failed and he arrived at the ER with significant damage to the brain due to lack of oxygen for an extended period of time. His condition was declared as SEVERE ANOXIC BRAIN INJURY. Anand has been lying in a coma since then. Doctors at the hospital have predicted that he will remain in a persistent vegetative state.

However, Anand's family has not given up hope. His 10-month old daughter and wife are anxiously waiting for him to return to them. They have researched a potential treatment called "HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBO)" that has proven beneficial for patients with brain injury. Patients subjected to the modality of HBO therapy have shown favorable results. However, very few designated and accredited centers in the United States of America are providing HBO therapy. The insurance companies also do not bear the cost of the treatment.

This treatment is the last ray of hope to bring Anand back to life. The only immediately available treatment facility is in Florida where Anand needs to be moved immediately, using Air-Ambulance. The treatment and logistics expenses are estimated to run into A FEW HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (current estimate is in the range of $200k-$250k) including expenses for recurring follow-up treatments. His family and friends have pooled in their savings to take him to Florida and get the treatment started. There is a lot more needed.

Please donate generously and help to Save Anand Gubbi.

Pashchimi (Bay Area Bangla organization) has opened a "Save Anand" account where you may make your contributions. All contributions are tax exempt and will be sent directly to the family. Please visit the website to make your contribution.

Vishal Kumar N Jain.

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