Udyoga Kuteera - Self Employment Scheme from HDMC

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The Hubli - Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) has come up with a new scheme called Udyoga Kuteera. It is a unique Self Employment opportunity for the eligible, under 18% - SC/ST categorized. Among the 67 wards of HDMC, one Kuteera will be provided in each ward. The main features of the schema have been listed below.

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Udyoga Kuteera - Scheme from HDMC


Vishal Kumar N Jain.

Main features of “Udyoga Kuteera”
The following are the main features of a “Udyoga Kuteera”:

  • Kuteera is 40 sq. feet in area and 7 feet tall and includes a computer table, a chair and a bench.
  • A desktop computer, printer cum fax machine, telephone, internet facility, Job work and DTP facilities are provided.
  • A Photocopier (Xerox machine) may be entertained in the Kuteera on a turnkey basis from any registered company.
  • Each Udyoga Kuteera in the Scheme would cost an approximate of Rs.65,000/-, of which HDMC will bear the costs upto Rs.40,000/-. Rest of the Rs.25,000/- may be provided by local financial institutions.
  • At least 2 major works can be extracted in this Udyoga Kuteera and one can earn nearly Rs.300/- to Rs.400/- each day.
  • No Udyoga Kuteera can b relocated or rented out. Only the beneficiary may have the privilege of running the show.
  • Beneficiaries should be above 18 years of age and should have an educational qualification equivalent or above S.S.L.C., with an experience in handling job works and DTP assignments individually.
  • Applicants will be scrutinized through a committee set up during the first phase of the present financial year and one Udyoga Kuteera will be allotted to a ward each.
  • If beneficiaries have their own Udyoga Kuteera, then a total of Rs.35,000/- will be deducted towards the actual cost and only the cost of the equipments may be incurred.
  • Sanction amount would not exceed a total of 60% of the scheme amount or Rs.40,000/-.

With respect to the above mentioned points, applicants (SC/ST candidates only) may submit hand written applications at the respective Zonal Offices before 21-06-2008.

The following attachments are necessary :

  • Caste Certificate (tahasildar)
  • Educational qualification
  • Age proof
  • Permanent residential certification
  • Place to setup the Udyoga Kuteera (your recommendation)

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