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Praveen Dodamani

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This Blog is just a part of our daily life to know about the little things which happen in and around Hubli-Dharwad and make it a better place to live by caring, articulating, creating awareness and protesting to those events.I think that happens to be "Lighter Part of our Life!!!". This Blog gives you exclusive news of Dharwad-Hubli from several sources.And the latest buzz is the tag of "IT Twin City", so catch all the news happening in twin cities.

About The Blog
This blog gets you regular updates and news on the latest happenings in Hubli - Dharwad in particular and North Karnataka in general. I have been following this blog regularly almost for the past 3 years now. The blog has been actively tracking news related to the development of IT / BT / BPO sector in the Hubli - Dharwad region. 

The blog contains useful links to other blogs and websites on Hubli-Dharwad. Also, it contains links to various newspapers. The blog has a widget which displays the current weather report for Dharwad.

One thing I personally like on the blog is the photo reel which scrolls at the top of the page. Contains beautifully taken photos of various landmarks in the twin cities. 

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