Second Anniversary - Hubli Dharwad Ahead

Dear Friends,

Today, this blog is two years old. Last year, this day I had mentioned about 10 important projects for our twin - cities. For details, read the post First Anniversary - Hubli Dharwad Ahead. I feel it would be worthwhile to just discuss the status of the projects.
  • Hubli Airport Expansion - Oops! Land acquisition is still in progress!
  • Dharwad Circuit Bench of the Karnataka High Court - Already functioning from Dharwad. :)
  • Hubli Railway Station Expansion - In progress. Wow!!! New platforms are being added. Seems a passenger subway is also being constructed.
  • Hubli - Dharwad Expressway - Dont ask me. I dont know either.
  • TATA Motors Bus Plant at Dharwad - Already functioning from Dharwad.
  • Aryabhatta Tech Park - Seems to be taking shape.
  • Hubli - Ankola Railway Line - One fine day this will surely take place...
  • Hubli - Bangalore Rail Line Doubling - Hope this project is taken up sooner than later.
  • Tourism and Recreational Projects - Of late, there have been some positive developments.
  • TCS IT SEZ - Completely lost :(
Friends, do let me know if you have more information related to the above projects.

As always, wishing Hubli - Dharwad a better future

Sincerely, for development of Hubli - Dharwad
ishal Kumar N Jain.

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