Inox Multiplex Hubli

Inox multiplex may come to Hubli by end of 2011. Hopefully.

The Hubli multiplex project was announced way back in 2008. Though it is confirmed that Inox will come to Hubli, it is not clear when will that happen.

Read the complete story and updates about Inox Multiplex in the Hubli - Dharwad City Guide website.


Amit Kulkarni said...

inox has a plan to launch in hubli.. but as of now they have no plans of implementing it.. hope it comes soon..
Hubli-dharwad with population of more than 10 lakh is not having an inox is bit disappointing... while smaller cities are having it and FM stations as well.. :(

sgraghu said...

Inox is not coming to Hubli. A maxican exhibitor by name Cinepolis has plans to launch in Urban Oasis mall at Gokul Road. Launch may drag till May 2012.

Anonymous said...

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