BDK Group India

Keeping pace with the global industrial growth, the BDK Group was founded in 1978 by Bharat B. Khimji. The now US $35 million Group has since been building on a heritage of initiative and innovation, offering along with its eight associate companies - a wide spectrum of Industrial Valves designed for the needs of the Chemical and Petrochemicals Industries worldwide. For more than three decades, BDK valves and other products have enjoyed sustained and lasting reputation in both domestic and global markets.

Today, nine group companies, twelve marketing offices, and a group strength of a little over 1500 hundred dedicated employees synergize their strengths to form one of India's largest and most progressive manufacturers in this field. With its heritage of excellence, and its resources of expertise and experience, the Group is poised to realize its destiny - as a world leader in manufacturing and marketing of Industrial Valves.

BDK Group from India, manufactures and exports largest range of valves, pumps and other chemical industry products for all process handling needs.
BDK has an annual production capacity of manufacturing
135,000 Diaphragm and Butterfly Valves;
60,000 Cast Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves;
50,000 Plug Valves;
120,000 Ball Valves;
100,000 Forged Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves;
10,000 Special Purpose Valves
10,000 Custom-made Valves

Corporate Head Office
The company has its corporate head office in HUBLI city.

Gokul Road,
India - 580 030.


Pramod said...

RNS Groups of Companies are worth mentioning here!

Vishal Kumar N Jain said...

Thanks for the suggestion Pramod.

At this point of time, I am working on collecting information about companies that make a difference to the twin cities. The same shall be posted on this blog in the days to come.

Kirit said...

BDK group has other that pump and valve businesses like Travel Inn and chain of grocery shops, Pick and Pay...Great diversification...

Anonymous said...

jus 2 mention......... KAMAT YATRI NIVAS, in the SDM MEDICAL CAMPUS....... i found it to be d most affordable amongst the other luxury hotels in the twin city........ and great aminities and restaurant compared to the cost....... a real value for money