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The USC Stevens Institute for Innovation has partnered with the DeshpandeFoundation, a leading philanthropic foundation focused on innovation and international development, to pilot a summer program for student innovators to develop scalable ideas for improving the quality of life in specific regions of India. The grants will support USC student-led initiatives addressing major challenges in India. This summer the emphasis will be on improving the quality of water, and creating greater awareness of oral cancer.

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University of Southern California and Deshpande Foundation partner to make impact in India

Water and Health Project Team in Hubli

A team of 6 students from USC is in Hubli to mitigate the spread of water-borne diseases that are endemic to the Hubli-Dharwad district, by both providing water treatment measures and educating locals about the preventative aspect of health care by emphasizing hygiene and sanitation.

The team will also emphasize a work site-based health education system where, instead of simply being treated and sent away, individuals will be fully-informed and empowered to be responsible for their own health. They will be working with an organization called 'haath mein sehat,' or health in their hands (HMS).

According to reports, more than one-third of the population is not currently covered by public health facilities and one-fourth of the households do not have access to clean drinking water. It is imperative to address the health-related problems arising from poor water quality management because it is the underlying cause of other problems, such as low economic productivity, access to education, and child mortality.

For updates on their activities, check out their blog Global Impact: Water and Health Project.

Wishing the entire team a pleasant experience in Hubli.

Vishal Kumar N Jain.

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